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Through my mother’s eyes, I learned that art is not only a reflection of life, but a way of binding us all in our journey through life. It is a vehicle by which to connect to others through artistic representation. This foundation supports disadvantaged children who are still finding their voice and place on this journey in the arts.

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My mother was born in Tucuman, Argentina to an ill mother and an absent father. She was an artist herself. She studied art, and taught art in schools in the slums of Buenos Aires to children in an extreme situation of need, though still inspired to learn in the hope of a better future.

Mariano Cavaleri



This foundation is the guardian of the art works on and serves the mission through displays, exhibits, donations, lending and sales.

Upcoming artists also supported by this foundation are encouraged to develop their skills and purpose and contribute to the foundation’s mission. In addition we invite established artists to support the foundation with their own artwork.

Art Works

The artwork is available to the general public in physical and virtual spaces that resonate with the context in which they are placed.  Where possible we want the public to interact with the artwork in its varied exhibition formats, combining both physical and virtual representation. We lend artwork to exhibits in museums, foundations, institutions, and public spaces. We facilitate and cooperate with other foundations, organisations, and public and private institutions to coordinate these efforts.


We cooperate with educational institutions and art schools, as well as museums, foundations and public and private institutions as a way of promoting art, exchange and support in line with the foundation’s mission.


The foundation works with donors: individuals, institutions, organisations and other foundations with common goals. With the funding we work with the trustees of the foundation and its network of members to identify disadvantaged children to support by means of teaching, supplying materials, supporting the learning experience and opening opportunities for display and recognition as well as self-support.


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